Weekly dev meeting - progressing Towards Network Stability, 3rd May, 2024
3rd May, 2024


In this week's Freenet developer meeting, Ian Clarke and Ignacio Duart discussed significant advancements and remaining challenges before getting the network up and running. The primary focus was on refining the connection and configuration processes within Freenet's system. Key highlights include:

  • Configuration Management: The developers have implemented a system to set and save default configurations, which are crucial for initializing and maintaining stable operations after restarts. The configuration files are currently managed using TOML due to its robust support in Rust.

  • Connection Stability and Logic Errors: Recent developments have mostly resolved previous issues with connection stability. However, some logic errors persist in the connect operation, affecting how peers establish and maintain connections. The team is close to resolving these, with a few last adjustments needed.

  • Testing and Network Simulation: Extensive local network testing is underway, aiming to mimic real-world conditions as closely as possible before proceeding to broader network deployment. The team discussed strategies to handle potential issues in a real-world environment, emphasizing the importance of robust testing phases.

  • Developer Tools and Documentation: Improvements in developer tools and documentation are in progress, with a specific focus on enhancing the onboarding process for new developers through updated tutorials and guides.

  • Upcoming Objectives: The immediate goal is to finalize the current phase of testing, address the identified bugs, and prepare for a public release. Parallel efforts are being made to prepare the infrastructure for wider testing and eventual deployment.