Declare your digital independence

The internet has become increasingly centralized over the past few years, with a handful of companies now controlling the internet infrastructure. This privatization of the public square threatens freedom of speech and democracy.

We're committed to decentralization and freedom of speech on the internet. 23 years ago, we created the original Freenet- the first distributed, decentralized peer-to-peer network. It pioneered technologies like cryptographic contracts and small-world networks and is still under active development today.

Now we're building Locutus. Locutus makes it easy for developers to create and deploy decentralized alternatives to today's centralized tech companies. These decentralized apps will be easy to use, scalable, and secured through cryptography.

To learn about the original Freenet client Fred, visit its website at

For a video introduction to Locutus watch Ian's talk and Q&A - YouTube / Vimeo. To learn about the new Locutus software as a developer read The Locutus Book, or visit our GitHub repository.

Latest News

September 5, 2022: Ian gave an interview (YouTube) to Louis Rossmann about Locutus
July 16, 2022: Ian gave a talk (YouTube) on Decentralized Reputation and Trust in Locutus
July 7, 2022: Ian gave an introductory talk (Youtube, Vimeo) on Locutus
July 6, 2022: Locutus makes the front page of r/cryptocurrency
April 18, 2022: Locutus makes the front page of the r/programming subreddit
April 10, 2022: Locutus makes the front page of Hacker News
March 27, 2022: Locutus makes the front page of r/privacy

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