Weekly developer meeting summary, 26th April
28th April, 2024

Freenet Weekly Developer Meeting Summary (April 26, 2024)


  • Ian Clarke
  • Ignacio Duart

Key Discussion Points

  • Network Mode & API Enhancements:
    Ignacio reported progress on the network mode setup which was facilitated by existing configurations. The integration involved enhancing the WebSocket API interface and network loop.

  • Pull Request Updates:
    The team discussed recent pull requests, including one that eliminates the dependency on libp2p and integrates the new transport layer into the main codebase. This pull request also addresses a change to the design of the connect operation and has reached a near-completion state pending some final tests.

  • Testing Strategies:
    Ignacio highlighted the plan to conduct internal tests using a simple "ping contract" to allow network testing across multiple machines. This approach aims to confirm network functionalities before wider public deployment.

  • Future Plans:
    Looking ahead, the team plans to expand testing to more complex scenarios and automation, refining integration and testing frameworks to streamline future deployments.

  • Contract Deployment and Network Stability:
    A phased approach to deploying and testing contracts was agreed upon to isolate and address potential issues systematically. The discussion also covered plans for a public announcement once the network demonstrates stable contract deployment capabilities.

  • Demo Contract Ideas:
    Ian suggested creating a demo contract that mirrors the Freenet chat channel into a contract using Matrix API, showcasing real-time update capabilities.


The meeting concluded with an optimistic outlook towards resolving minor pending issues and advancing Freenet's capabilities. The team plans to meet again soon to review further developments and setup strategies.