Weekly developer meeting summary, 16th April
17th April, 2024

This week’s Freenet developer meeting focused on resolving outstanding technical issues and setting the stage for the upcoming network launch expected by the end of April.

Key Developments:

  • Bug Fixes and Code Simplification: Ignacio Duart spent the majority of the past week addressing remaining issues and simplifying the codebase to align with our initial designs. This included resolving minor discrepancies that did not affect functionality.

  • Connection and Synchronization Improvements: Significant progress was made in ensuring that inter-peer connections can handle and recover from packet loss.

  • Testing and Validation: Testing remains a critical part of our development phase. The team is close to initiating network tests to identify and rectify any unforeseen issues. This is a vital step before we transition to broader external testing and public usage.

  • Developer Onboarding and Documentation: New team members are being brought up to speed with comprehensive documentation and hands-on tasks. This is crucial for maintaining our development pace and ensuring all team members are well-versed in Freenet’s technology.

Upcoming Objectives:

  • Finalizing the Transport Layer: The team is on track to solidify the transport layer, with all current unit tests passing. However, some tests related to network conditions and peer connections need refinement to ensure reliability under various scenarios.

  • Integration and Continuous Integration (CI) Testing: Before the official release, our goal is to enhance our integration testing framework. This will help us maintain code stability and prevent future regressions as new features are developed.

  • Release Preparation: In preparation for the first public release, there will be a focus on polishing the developer experience and ensuring that the documentation is fully updated. This will facilitate easier adoption and usage by new developers.

  • Operational Readiness: Discussions are underway regarding the best practices for deploying Freenet as a persistent service (daemon) on user systems, considering the balance between user convenience and system stability.

Overall, the team is optimistic about the progress and is working diligently to meet the launch deadline. The focus is on ensuring that Freenet is not only functional but also robust and user-friendly for early adopters and developers.