Weekly developer meeting summary, April 3rd
5th April, 2024

Here's an AI-generated, human edited summary of our weekly developer meeting for Freenet, held on April 3, 2024.


  • Ian Clarke
  • Ignacio Duart

Discussion Summary:

  1. Ignacio's Progress Update:

    • Continued work on simulating packet drops in a separate branch, encountering issues with connection robustness between peers but managed to identify and address the problem.
    • Identified a new issue with streaming messages during packet drops, which is the current focus.
  2. Transport Layer and Operations:

    • Discussed the transport layer's current status and another branch focusing on protocol integration with transport.
    • Ignacio and Hector collaborated on debugging and fixing issues, making significant progress toward operational readiness.
  3. Connection Establishment and Routing:

    • Detailed explanation of the connection operation process, including handling public keys, IP addresses, and port information for peer connections.
    • Addressed the handling of gateway-specific behavior and potential modifications to improve connection establishment efficiency.
  4. Peer Location Strategy:

    • Discussed deriving peer locations from their public IP addresses to enhance security and reduce predictability for attackers.
  5. Joining Network Mechanism:

    • Explored the process for new peers to join the network, involving multiple steps and peer communication to establish connections.
    • Discussed potential optimizations to reduce the complexity and improve the speed of the joining process.
  6. Freenet Portal:

    • Ian is working on a simple "portal" for Freenet using Dioxus, this will be the first contract users see when they start Freenet. Initially it will just be a manually curated list of links, but eventually it will be a search engine, similar to https://google.com/ homepage.
  7. Next Steps:

    • The goal is to have the network operational and performing useful tasks by the end of April.
  8. Closing:

    • The meeting concluded with a positive outlook on the progress and plans to continue testing and debugging in the upcoming weeks.