Weekly Dev Meeting - Refactoring Connection Handler for Better Unit Testing

July 5, 2024

This week we’ve been focussed on a crucial refactoring task to improve how we manage network connections. The goal is to make it easier to isolate bugs by separating the connection handling logic from the transport layer so they can be tested independently.

What’s Changing:

  1. Decoupling Connection Handling:
  • We’re separating the connection handling code from the transport layer. This change allows us to test connection states on their own, without involving the transport mechanisms.
  • With this separation, we can emulate connections and test different states more accurately, pinpointing problems faster.
  1. Enhanced Testing and Debugging:
  • By isolating the connection handling, Nacho has created a series of unit tests to cover various connection scenarios, such as establishing, rejecting, and accepting connections.
  • This approach helps us identify areas needing improvement and ensures our changes lead to a more stable system.
  1. Clearer Error Handling:
  • The refactor also simplifies error handling. By separating concerns, it’s easier to see if issues come from the connection handling or the transport layer, making debugging more straightforward.
  1. Streamlined Codebase:
  • We’ve removed redundant and tangled code, simplifying the codebase and reducing potential failure points.

Next Steps:

  1. Completing the Refactor:
  • Nacho is close to finishing this refactor. The plan is to replace all the old connection handling code with the new modular implementation.
  • This change will make the system easier to maintain and test, setting us up well for future enhancements.
  1. Focusing on Transport Layer Issues:
  • Once the refactor is done, we’ll turn our attention to fixing any remaining transport layer issues. With the connection handling logic isolated, identifying and addressing these issues should be more manageable.
  • We’ll add more unit tests for the transport layer to cover all edge cases and ensure it works reliably.
  1. Preparing for the Next Release:
  • If the transport layer is stable after the refactor, we’ll move forward with a release. This update will include the recent improvements and ensure our core network functionalities are solid.


This refactor should be the last step before launching the Freenet network. By modularizing the connection handling, we can test more thoroughly and fix issues more quickly, leading to a more stable platform.