Weekly dev meeting - network integration testing and squashing final bugs, 10th May, 2024
11th May, 2024

In our latest dev meeting, we dove into the recent updates and challenges with the Freenet network protocol. Ignacio shared the latest on our efforts to boost node connectivity and stability across the network.

What’s New:

  • Stability and Bug Fixes: We spent a good chunk of this week squashing bugs to make network connections more stable. Ignacio explained the technical hurdles we’re tackling to keep connections between nodes reliable. It’s tricky but we're making headway.
  • Integration and Testing: We're knee-deep in integrating and manually testing the latest changes. We're also working toward getting CI passing. This is key to catching regressions early and ensuring everything holds up under stress.
  • Gateway Improvements: We’ve made some solid progress on enhancing how gateways handle peer connections, which are crucial for assimilating new nodes into the network.

What’s Next:

  • Ramping Up Testing: Now that we've nailed down most of the glaring issues, it’s time to push harder with more comprehensive testing. We’re talking multiple nodes and gateways to really test the limits of scalability and performance.
  • Tool Enhancements: We're also planning to upgrade our network simulation tool, which is vital for a clear and efficient view of what’s happening network-wide.