Declare your digital independence

The centralization of the internet poses a fundamental threat to individual freedom. In 2024, a few corporations control most internet services and infrastructure. These corporations wield immense power over most of us with little accountability, enabling them to censor content, exploit our data, and exclude users from services they depend on —all with profound implications for democracy. We need a solution urgently.

Introducing Freenet — a decentralized replacement for the world wide web. Acting as a global, shared, decentralized computing platform, Freenet can either be accessed via a standard web browser or integrated into third-party applications.

Freenet is not merely a tool for developers; it offers a pathway for anyone seeking greater control and freedom in their digital interactions. You can build or use decentralized services for messaging, social media, email, and e-commerce. These applications are designed for scalability and interoperability, secured through modern cryptographic techniques.

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