Declare Your Digital Independence

The centralization of the internet poses a fundamental threat to individual freedom. In 2024, a few corporations control most of our online services and infrastructure, wielding immense power with little accountability. They can censor content, exploit data, and exclude users from essential services, undermining democracy. We need a solution urgently.

Introducing Freenet—a decentralized replacement for the World Wide Web. Acting as a global, shared computing platform, Freenet can be accessed via a standard web browser or embedded into software via an API.

Freenet enables new solutions to old problems like spam, DDoS, keeping private data private, and much more.

Freenet is flexible enough to build entirely decentralized alternatives to existing centralized services, such as messaging, social media, email, and e-commerce. Every component of every service built on Freenet is interoperable by default, ensuring seamless integration and interaction across the platform. Services are also scalable by default and secured through modern cryptographic techniques, putting control back in the hands of users, not tech oligarchs.

Status ()

For the past two weeks we’ve been working on a refactor of part of the transport code to address a bug that would have negatively impacted the user experience by preventing peers from connecting to each other.

Once the refactor is complete and the bug is fixed, we should be ready to release the next version and start testing the network with a larger group of users.


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